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THS7002 High Speed Amplifier Evaluation Module



THS7002 programmable-gain amplifier EVM features include:

  • Multiple Input Configurations Set Via On-board Jumpers
  • DIP Switches Allow Quick and Easy Adjustment of Gain, Shut Down, Reference Voltage, and Output Clamping
  • Includes a THS4001 High-Speed Amplifier as an Inverter
  • Standard BNC Connectors Inputs and Outputs
  • ±5-V to ±15-V Operation with 5-V Reference Input
  • Nominal 50-W Impedance Inputs and Outputs
  • Includes Test Points for Easy Digital Control of EVM Circuit Gain and Operating Parameters
  • Good Example of PowerPAD Package and High-Speed Amplifier Design and Layout

Texas Instruments  THS7002EVM

The TI THS7002 programmable-gain amplifier evaluation module (EVM) is a complete dual-channel low-noise receiver and a highly configurable programmable-gain amplifier circuit. It consists of the TI THS7002 Programmable-Gain Amplifier IC, a TI THS4001 high-speed, low-power operational amplifier IC, and a number of passive parts, all mounted on a multilayer circuit board.