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THS770006 Evaluation Module



The THS770006EVM can be configured to test: Frequency Response, s-Parameters (s11, s22, s12), Frequency Response with Capacitive Load, Distortion, Noise Figure, Power-Down, Differential Z-out, Output Balance Error, Common-Mode Rejection, VOCM Frequency Response, and VOCM Slew Rate & Pulse Response. In some cases, minor PCB modifications are required, including changing capacitors to resistors, resistors to capacitors, and the shorting/opening of components, etc.

Texas Instruments  THS770006EVM

The THS770006 evaluation module (EVM) is used for testing the typical performance of the THS770006 high-speed, fully differential, amplifier device. The THS770006EVM schematic is shown in the THS770006 datasheet (Figure 32). The THS770006EVM is configured to convert to and from a differential 50Ω impedance by using RF transformers or baluns. The CX2156NL 2.3 - 2.7 MHz balun is supplied as standard configuration. For line input termination, two 49.9Ω resistors (R5 and R6) are placed to ground on the input transformer output pins (terminals 1 and 3). In combination with the 100Ω input impedance of the device, the total impedance seen by the line is 50Ω. A resistor network is used on the amplifier output to present various loads (RL) and maintain line output termination to 50Ω.