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THS770012 Evaluation Module



The THS770012EVM provides a useful platform for device or system evaluation with the following features:
  • Banana jacks for easy connection to external single +5V power supply
  • Edge mount SMA connectors with on board transformers for interface to standard single ended 50Ω lab equipment
  • Easily reconfigured for differential in and/or output by adding additional components
  • Small form factor for easy integration into system prototypes
  • Texas Instruments  THS770012EVM

    The THS770012 evaluation module (EVM) is used for testing the performance of the THS770012 high-speed, fully differential, amplifier device. The THS770012EVM schematic is shown in the THS770012 datasheet. The THS770012EVM is configured to connect to standard 50Ω lab equipment to allow quick and easy evaluation of device performance. The EVM can be configured to test: Frequency Response, s-Parameters (s11, s22, s12), Frequency Response with Capacitive Load, Distortion, Noise Figure, Power-Down, output impedance, Output Balance Error, Common-Mode Rejection, VOCM Frequency Response, VOCM Slew Rate & Pulse Response, etc. In some cases, minor PCB modifications are required, including changing capacitors to resistors, resistors to capacitors, and the shorting/opening of components, etc.