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Thumbus™-2300-SMB Evaluation Module



  • Fully powered from the USB port
  • Capable of providing a 10-mA 5.0-V source
  • Complete interface between USB and SMBus interfaces using a simple API
  • Equivalent to the USB to SMBus function found in the EV2300 module

Texas Instruments  THUMBUS2300

The THUMBUS2300 Thumbus interface board enables an IBM-compatible or other type (with required driver for the particular platform) PC to communicate with Texas Instruments SMBus interface fuel gauges via a Universal Serial Bus (USB) port. In addition to this board, PC software is required to interpret the gas gauge data to complete the evaluation system. The users guide describes the function and operation of the Thumbus™-2300-SMB evaluation module. A complete description, as well as schematic diagram and bill of materials are included.