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TIC12400-Q1 24-input multiple-switch-detection interface evaluation module kit



  • Connects to computer using USB cable and allows the user to program configurations and read status information
  • EVM incorporates temperature and current measurements by using the GUI and has many configurable hardware options
  • Kit features the ability to do digital switches and resistor coded switches or can be interfaced with user's own switches 

Texas Instruments  TIC12400EVM-KIT

The TIC12400EVM-KIT is a flexible two-board evaluation platform that allows users to evaluate the expansive feature sets of the TIC12400-Q1. The TIC12400-Q1 is a 24-channel switch/contact monitoring solution that incorporates a power-saving polling architecture, configurable comparator thresholds, an integrated ADC with programmable thresholds, and a variety of integrated protection for transient/fault conditions. The kit includes an intuitive and feature-rich GUI that showcases the TIC12400-Q1 device's benefits.  The GUI incorporates easy-to-define thresholds, wetting current, polling times, and switch state polling.