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Single Phase Inverter Reference Design With Voltage Source and Grid Connected Modes



  • powerSUITE supported Voltage Source Inverter and Grid Connected Inverter Design
  • Peak 98% efficiency in Voltage Source Mode and <4% THD in case of non linear loads
  • Input 380V DC, Output 220Vrms 50Hz or 110Vrms 60Hz and 600VA Max
  • Hardware Files are in DigitalPower SDK at solutions\tidm_hv_1ph_dcac

Texas Instruments  TIEVM-HV-1PH-DCAC

This reference design implements single phase inverter (DC-AC) control using the C2000™ F2837xD and F28004x microcontrollers. Design supports two modes of operation for the inverter. First is voltage source mode using an output LC filter, this control mode is typically used in Uninterrupted Power supplies.   Second is Grid connected mode with an output LCL Filter, which is typically used in solar inverters. Firmware for the design is supported under powerSUITE framework which enables adaptation using the Solution Adapter and enables tuning of the control loop using Compensation Designer and SFRA. High efficiency, low THD and intuitive software make this design attractive for engineers working on inverter design for UPS and alternative energy applications such as PV Inverters, Grid Storage, micro grids.