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Vienna Rectifier-Based Three-Phase Power Factor Correction Reference Design Using C2000™ MCUs



Hardware Features

  • EVM with interface to accept HSEC180 controlCARDs
  • Greater than 98% peak efficiency
  • Less than 2% THD at full load and low line
  • Up to 2.4KW design with three phase 400Vac VL-L Input
  • Hardware Files are in DigitalPower SDK at solutions\tidm_1000

Software Features

  • Free download of Code Composer Studio IDE
    • Free download of C2000WARE-DIGITALPOWER-SDK which includes application libraries, firmware for this EVM and device drivers and example projects for C2000 MCUs
    • Firmware of this EVM supporting F28004x and F2837x MCU
    • Control operation can be run on either the main C28x CPU or CLA  
  • Free download of controlSUITE for device drivers and example projects
  • Easy adaptation of software and tuning of custom power stage using powerSUITE tools:  Solution Adapter, SFRA and Compensation Designer
    • SFRA enables in circuit verification of control loop designed

Get Started

Texas Instruments  TIEVM-VIENNARECT

The Vienna rectifier power topology is used in high power three phase power factor (AC-DC) applications such as off-board electric vehicle (EV) chargers and telecom rectifiers. This design illustrates a method to control the power stage using C2000™ microcontrollers. This design uses an HSEC180 controlCARD interface and and the software supports C2000™ Delfino™ F2837x series and Piccolo F28004x series of microcontrollers.

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