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TIOL1115 IO-Link Transceiver Evaluation Module



  • Support for TIOL1115 IO-Link transceiver with 5V-LDO
  • EVM can support TIOL1115, TIOL1113, or TIOL111 IO-Link transceivers
  • Configurable output current via on-board POT
  • Headers and LEDs for individual signal measurements and activity monitoring
  • Multiple setup options and configurations possible

Texas Instruments  TIOL1115EVM

The  TIOL1115 EVM provides users with the ability to evaluate TI's TIOL111x family of IO-Link transceivers.  The EVM includes the TIOL1115 which provides full IO-Link functionality and an on-chip 5-V LDO.  With pin- to-pin compatibility throughout the TIOL111 family, the EVM can also support the TIOL111 (no LDO) or the TIOL1113 (3.3-V LDO).  The EVM includes the ability to measure and monitor numerous signals including L+, L-, CQ, TX, RX, and more while also being able to adjust the device output current via an on-board potentiometer.  Although  the TIOL111 family of devices include on-chip ESD (IEC61000-4-2) and surge protection, which eliminates or reduces the size of any TVS diodes, pads for these diodes are included for modification to meet users' requirements.