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TLC5540 8-Bit, 40-MSPS Analog-to-Digital Converter Evaluation Module



TLC5540/5510 ADC EVM:

  • Allows quick and accurate evaluation of the TLC5540, TLC5510, TLC5510a, or TLV5510 ADC
  • Includes device, wide bandwidth input buffer amplifier, control logic, latches, flexible interface with selectable jumper options, and connectors
  • Documentation includes circuit schematic, PCB layout, user manual, and data sheet
  • High-speed low-noise layout guidelines
  • Flexible support circuits for various evaluation modes
  • Access to all digital control pins
  • Larger user prototyping areas
  • This EVM is CE compliant for distribution within the European Community

TLC5540/5510 ADC Product:

  • TLC5540 ADC: 8-bit 40 MSPS Sampling; 5V
  • TLV5540 ADC: 8-bit 30 MSPS Sampling; 3V
  • TLC5510 ADC: 8-bit 20 MSPS Sampling; 5V
  • TLC5510A ADC: 8-bit 20 MSPS Sampling; 5V; wide analog input voltage
  • TLV5510 ADC: 8-bit 10 MSPS Sampling; 3V

Texas Instruments  TLC5540EVM

The TLC5540 / TLC5510 / TLC5510A / TLV5510 EVM is a complete stand-alone board designed to allow quick and accurate evaluation of the analog-to-digital converters (ADCs) of the same part number. The ADCs digitize wide-bandwidth analog signals with 8-bit resolution at a minimum conversion rate of 40MSPS (20 MSPS for the TLC5510). Applications include digital television, CCD interfacing, digital down converters, video conferencing, and digital set-top box.