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16 Channel LED Driver Evaluation Module

US ECCN: EAR99 US/Local Export Classification Number

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Limit:  1

Features for the TLC59116FEVM-571

Description for the TLC59116FEVM-571

The TLC59116F is an I2C bus-controlled, 16-channel LED driver that is optimized forred/green/blue/amber (RGBA) color mixing and backlight application for amusement products. Each LED output has its own 8-bit resolution (256 steps), fixed-frequency, individual PWM controller that operates at 97 kHz, with a duty cycle that is adjustable from 0% to 99.6%. The individual PWM controller allows each LED to be set to a specific brightness value. An additional 8-bit resolution (256 steps) group PWMcontroller has both a fixed frequency of 190 Hz and an adjustable frequency between 24 Hz to once every 10.73 seconds, with a duty cycle that is adjustable from 0% to 99.6%. The group PWM controller dims or blinks all LEDs with the same value. This EVM helps the user evaluate the features of the Texas Instruments TLC59116F, which is an I2C™ bus-controlled, 16-channel LED driver. The user’s guide includes setup instructions, a schematic diagram, a bill of materials, printed-circuit board layout drawings, and software instructions.