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TLC6C5712 12 Channels Linear Constant Current LED Driver Evaluation Module


  • 12-Channel constant current output, up to 50mA per channel, programmable via an external resistor
  • SPI communication interface
  • 256-step linear programmabiliy for each channel
  • 6 PWM inputs, programmable channel mapping capability via SPI interface
  • Full diagnostics such as Open load detection, short to GND detection, short LED detection, adjacent pin short detection etc

Texas Instruments  TLC6C5712EVM

TLC6C5712EVM is designed for evaluating TLC6C5712, which is a 12-channels linear constant current led driver IC, it can support current up to 75mA per channel. It also has full protection & diagnostics functions,  such as LED open protection, LED short , Adjacent Pin short fault detection and etc.