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TLK10XXXSMAEVM - SMA breakout daughterboard for TLK10232



  • Supports evaluation of low speed data signals
  • Connects easily to motherboard via board-to-board connector
  • SMA connectors allow low-speed side data signals to interface with external laboratory test equipment

Texas Instruments  TLK10XXXSMAEVM

The TLK10XXXSMAEVM SMA breakout daughterboard is used to for evaluation of the low-speed signals on the TLK10232EVM. SMA cables can be connected from the input signals to the output signals to create an external loopback situation, or to standard lab test equipment. The pinout is compatible with the TLK10002 EVM FPGA daughterboard and any variety of custom interface boards could be created for use with the TLK10232EVM motherboard.