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TLK2201 SerDes Evaluation Module



Some of the advanced features offered by this board include:

  • PCB (printed-circuit board) is designed for high-speed signal integrity
  • Flexibility - the PCB can be configured for copper or optical interfaces
  • SMA and parallel fixtures are easily connected to test equipment
  • All input/output signals are accessible for rapid prototyping
  • Analog and digital power planes can be supplied through separata banana jacks for isolation, or can be combined using ferrite bridging networks
  • Series termination resistors provide parallel RD outputs
  • Onboard capacitors provide ac coupling of high-speed signals

Texas Instruments  TLK2201EVM

The TLK2201 Serdes evaluation module (EVM) board is used to evaluate the TLK2201 device (VQFP) and associated optical interface (GBIC Module) for point-to-point data transmission applications.

The board enables the designer to connect 50 ohm parallel buses to both transmitter and receiver connectors. Using high speed PLL technology, the TLK2201 serializes and transmits data along one differential pair. The receiver part of the device deserializes and presents data on the parallel bus. The high speed (up to 1.6 Gbps) data lines interface to four 50 ohm controlled-impedance SMA connectors. The designer can either use this copper interface or, with small solder modifications, send the high speed data to the GBIC-compatible laser module for an optical interface (not provided).