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TLV320AIC1106EVM-K Evaluation Module



  • Full-featured evaluation board for the TLV320AIC1106 audio codec.
  • Differential microphone input with external gain setting.
  • Differential earphone output capable of driving a 32-Ω to 8-Ω load.
  • Microphone (MIC) and earphone (EAR) mute functions.
  • Easy interfacing to multiple analog sources.
  • Analog output signals from the TLV320AIC1106 are available on top and bottom connectors.
  • External microphone jack and electric microphone are included.
  • Digital control signals can be applied directly to top and bottom connectors.

Texas Instruments  TLV320AIC1106EVM-K

The TLV320AIC1106EVMB-K is a complete evaluation/demonstration kit, which includes a USB-based motherboard called the USB-MODEVM Interface board. Provisions are made for connecting all audio inputs and outputs either from the modular connectors or with onboard terminals and external microphone jack. An onboard electric microphone is also provided.