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Low-Power Audio Codec With 1.3W Stereo Class-D Speaker Amplifier


Package | PIN: VQFN (RHB) | 32
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
Qty Price
1-9 $4.99
10-24 $4.49
25-99 $4.19
100-249 $3.76
250-499 $3.51
500-749 $3.05
750-999 $2.64
1000+ $2.59


  • Stereo Audio DAC With 95-dB SNR
  • Mono Audio ADC With 91-dB SNR
  • Supports 8-kHz to 192-kHz Separate DAC and
    ADC Sample Rates
  • Stereo 1.29-W Class-D BTL 8-Ω Speaker Driver
    With Direct Battery Connection
  • One Differential and Three Single-Ended Inputs
    With Mixing and Level Controls
  • Microphone With Bias, Preamp PGA, and AGC
  • Built-in Digital Audio Processing Blocks (PRB) With
    User-Programmable Biquad, FIR Filters, and DRC
  • Digital Mixing Capability
  • Programmable Digital Audio Processor for Bass
    Boost/Treble/EQ With up to Five Biquads for
    Record and up to Six Biquads for Playback
  • Pin Control or Register Control for Digital-Playback
    Volume-Control Settings
  • Digital Sine-Wave Generator for Beeps and Key-
  • Integrated PLL Used for Programmable Digital
    Audio Processor
  • I2S, Left-Justified, Right-Justified, DSP, and TDM
    Audio Interfaces
  • I2C Control With Register Auto-Increment
  • Full Power-Down Control
  • Power Supplies:
    • Analog: 2.7 V–3.6 V
    • Digital Core: 1.65 V–1.95 V
    • Digital I/O: 1.1 V–3.6 V
    • Class-D: 2.7 V–5.5 V (SPLVDD and SPRVDD ≥
  • 5-mm × 5-mm 32-VQFN Package
    • Portable Audio Devices
    • Mobile Internet Devices
    • e-Books

Texas Instruments  TLV320AIC3110IRHBT

The TLV320AIC3110 device is a low-power, highly integrated, high-performance codec that supports stereo audio DAC, and mono audio ADC.

The TLV320AIC3110 device features a high-performance audio codec with 24-bit stereo playback and monaural record functionality. The device integrates several analog features, such as a microphone interface, headphone drivers, and speaker drivers. The digital-audio data format is programmable to work with popular audio standard protocols (I2S, left-justified and right-justified) in master, slave, DSP, and TDM modes. Bass boost, treble, or EQ is supported by the programmable digital-signal processing blocks (PRB). An on-chip PLL provides the high-speed clock required by the digital-signal processing block. The volume level is controlled either by pin control or by register control. The audio functions are controlled using the I2C serial bus.

The TLV320AIC3110 device has a programmable digital sine-wave generator and is available in a 32-pin VQFN package.