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TLV320AIC33 Evaluation Module (EVM) and USB motherboard



  • Complete evaluation kit for the study of the TLV320AIC33
  • TLV320AIC33EVM-PDK contains a USB connection to plug into the USB port on the PC
  • EVM will operate with multiple analog sources through on board top and bottom terminals
  • The USB-MOD Circuit Board has an led (D1-D7) which lights when the power supplies are active
  • The USB-MOD Board can supply power in three ways; USB, Lab power, or 6-10 VDC AC/DC wall mount supply (not included)

Texas Instruments  TLV320AIC33EVM-PDK

The TLV320AIC33EVM-PDK is a complete evaluation/demonstration kit for the TLV320AIC33. The kit includes a TLV320AIC33EVM, and a USB-based motherboard called the USB-MODEVM Interface board. Evaluation software for use with a personal computer running Microsoft Windows operating systems is provided, which allows exercising all the features of the TLV320AIC33, including design utilities for selecting PLL settings as well as designing digital filters for use with the TLV320AIC33.