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TLV62130EVM-505 Evaluation Module



Texas Instruments  TLV62130EVM-505

The TLV62130EVM-505 uses the TLV62130 and is set to a 3.3-V output. The EVM operates with full-rated performance with an input voltage between 4 V and 17 V. The TLV62130 is a 3-A, synchronous, step-down converter in a 3x3-mm, 16-pin QFN package. The user’s guide describes the characteristics, operation, and use of the Texas Instruments TLV62130 and TLV62150 evaluation modules (EVM). The TLV62130EVM-505 and TLV62150EVM-505 evaluate the performance of the TLV62130 or TLV62150 IC in a standard buck regulator topology. The EVM converts a 4-V to 17-V input voltage to 3.3V and provides up to 3A (1A for the TLV62150EVM-505) of output current. The user’s guide includes setup instructions for the EVM, the printed-circuit board layout, theschematic diagram, the bill of materials, and test results for the EVM