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DC/DC LED Developer's Kit



Hardware Features

  • 12-48V DC input to SEPIC DC/DC stage 50V DC output
  • 4 LED driver stages, each capable of drving two strings at 30 watts
  • LED driver stages can be externally powered
  • TMS320F28035 based controlCARD development platform
  • Open source hardware, including gerber files, schematics, and BOMs
  • Hardware Files are in controlSUITE at development_kits\Lighting_DCDC_v2.2

Software Features

  • Closed loop DC/DC and LED driving software, complete with source code and documentation.

Get Started

Texas Instruments  TMDSDCDCLEDKIT

The LED DC/DC Developer's Kit is a DIMM100 controlCARD based motherboard evaluation module which uses Piccolo F28035. It includes all of the hardware and software to start experimenting and developing a digitally controlled LED DC/DC system. One Piccolo MCU is able to directly control the DC/DC power stage as well as eight LED strings. The development board takes 12-48V DC of input and uses a SEPIC DC/DC topology to buck or boost the input voltage to a desired level. This voltage is then fed to four LED driving stages, each capable of driving two LED strings at up to 30 Watts each. The kit includes closed loop, open source software for both the DC/DC stage and the LED lighting stage. The hardware design is also completely open source, with the gerbers, schematics, and BOMs available for free.

Software and hardware collateral are available through controlSUITE.