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TMS320F2808 Experimenter Kit



  • TMS320F2808 MCU based controlCARD
  • Docking station with on board USB JTAG emulation
  • Code Composer Studio™ IDE v3.3, C28x™ Free 32K Byte Version
  • Applications software and example code also available for download

Texas Instruments  TMDSDOCK2808

The new C2000 Experimenter Kits from Texas Instruments are ideal products for OEMs to use for initial device exploration and testing. The 2808 Experimenter Kit has a docking station with access to all controlCARD signals, breadboard areas and RS-232, JTAG connectors, and features on board USB JTAG emulation. Each kit contains a 2808 controlCARD. The controlCARD is a complete board level module that utilizes and industry-standard DIMM form factor to provide a low-profiles single-board controller solution. . Kit is complete with Code Composer Studio™ IDE v3.3 C28x™ Free 32K Byte Version. C2000 applications software with example code and full hardware details also available. No external JTAG emulator is required as the docking station has on board USB JTAG emulation.