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AM/DM37x Evaluation Module




Hardware SpecificationsSoftware and ToolsConnectivity
  • AM3715 & DM3730ARM Cortex-A8 and DSP Processor
  • 256 MB MDDR, 512 MB NAND
  • 3.7” LCD touch-screen
  • WL1271 Wireless (WiFi/BT) daughter card
  • TPS65950 power management IC
  • Universal power supply
  • USB SD Card Reader
  • Stylus
  • 1-High-speed USB 2.0
  • USB Host and OTG
  • Ethernet
  • UART
  • Audio and Video Output
  • Keypad
  • Expansion USB
  • MMC/SD Card
  • JTAG

Texas Instruments  TMDSEVM3730

The AM/DM37x Evaluation Module (EVM) enables developers to immediately start evaluating AM37x or DM37x ARM Cortex-A8 processors (DM3730, DM3725, AM3715, AM3703) and begin building solutions, including portable multimedia, portable data terminals, portable medical equipment, portable communications, home and building automation, navigation systems, test and measurement, smart displays and human machine interaction (HMI) industrial interfaces amongst many others.