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High Voltage Motor Control Kit with InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION enabled Piccolo MCU



Hardware Features

  • Three phase inverter baseboard with interface to accept DIMM100 controlCARDs
  • XDS100v1 USB to JTAG emulation (with additional UART)
  • 3-phase motor inverter stage rated for 1KW loads
  • Two phase interleaved power factor correction stage rated to 750W (no software examples)
  • 85-132 VAC / 170-250 VAC input
  • Isolated CAN communications interface
  • Isolated UART communications interface
  • Isolated USB JTAG emulation
  • Four PWM DACs for observation and debug of system variables through an oscilloscope
  • Over-current protection for PFC stages and inverter stage via MCU PWM trip functionality
  • Includes the following controlCARDs
  • Hardware Files are in controlSUITE at development_kits\HVMotorCtrl+PfcKit_v2.1


Software Features

  • InstaSPIN-FOC technology brings powerful sensorless field oriented motor control technology to all skill levels of designers. InstaSPIN-FOC auto-identifies, auto-tunes, and fully controls 3-phase motors in minutes
  • InstaSPIN-MOTION builds on InstaSPIN-FOC technology to provide robust movement control, allowing you to accelerate, position, and plan your movement
  • Free download of Code Composer Studio IDE
  • Free download of MotorWare for InstaSPIN evaluation and development
  • Free download of controlSUITE for additional device drivers
  • Free demonstration GUI of InstaSPIN capabilities
  • Free evaluation GUI to instrument any MotorWare project


Get Started

Texas Instruments  TMDSHVMTRINSPIN

CAUTION: This equipment operates at high voltages and currents which can result in hazardous electrical shock. Please make sure you understand and follow all necessary safety precautions prior to purchasing and operating.

TMDSHVMTRINSPIN is a DIMM100 controlCARD based motherboard evaluation module.  The High Voltage Motor Control Kit with InstaSPIN™ technology provides a great reference platform to learn and experiment with digital control of high voltage motors, utilizing the revolutionary InstaSPIN-FOC and InstaSPIN-MOTION motor control technologies included on Texas Instruments’ C2000™ InstaSPIN 32-bit microcontroller family. With InstaSPIN technology, motor system developers can quickly identify, automatically tune, and fully control a three phase motor, providing an “instantly” stable and functional motor control system. This kit is a superb, all-around motor inverter design tool, showcasing sensorless and encoder based control of the most common types of high voltage, three phase motors—including AC induction (ACI), brushless DC (BLDC), and permanent magnet synchronous motors (PMSM and IPM).

To view other kits featuring InstaSPIN motion control technology, please visit the InstaSPIN website.