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OMAP-L138 development kit (LCDK)

Inventory: In stock


Limit:  5

Features for the TMDSLCDK138

  • Integrated floating-/fixed-point DSP with up to 456 MHz performance; and ARM9 with up to 456 MHz performance
  • Software, expansion headers, schematics and application demos
  • SDKs, DSP/BIOS RTOS, drivers, stacks and protocol, algorithm libraries, flash and boot utilities and StarterWare

Description for the TMDSLCDK138

The OMAP-L138 DSP+Arm9™ development kit will enable fast and easy Linux software and hardware development. This scalable platform will ease and accelerate software and hardware development of everyday applications that require real-time signal processing and control functional, including industrial control, medical diagnostics and communications. The low-cost kit, complete with freely downloadable and duplicable board schematics and design files, greatly reduces design work. A wide variety of standard interfaces for connectivity and storage allow developers to easily bring audio, video and other signals onto the board. Expansion headers such as LCD screen expansion headers and Leopard Imaging’s camera sensor allow customers to extend the board’s functionality.

The LCDK does not have an onboard emulator. An external emulator from TI (such as the XDS100, XDS200, XDS560) or a third-party will be required to start development.

The TMDSLCDK138 replaces the TMDXLCDK138 with the same performance, price and features. It is available on a limited quantity basis as inventory ramps.