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TMS470M Microcontroller USB Kit



The USB Stick includes an integrated XDS100v2 emulator so that no external JTAG emulator is required to get started. The USB Stick also provides access to some of the key peripherals, a CAN Transceiver, and an Ambient Light Sensor (used for demo purposes).

The TMS470M USB Kit also includes a complete software development environment with CCStudio v4.1, Halcogen Peripheral Drivers, Flash Programming Utility, HET Simulator/Debugger w/ Synapticad WaveViewer, code examples, and much more.

Texas Instruments  TMDX470MF066USB

The TMDX470MF066USB is a USB Kit which can be used to quickly develop code and evaluate performance of the TMS470M MCU. It includes the automotive grade Cortex-M3 ARM CPU based TMS470MF066 microcontroller running at 80MHz, with 640KB of Flash, 64KB of RAM, and a enhanced set of peripheral modules.