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C5502 eZdsp Development Kit



Key features and benefits
  • Affordable evaluation and development platform
    • Low-cost eZdsp kit
    • On-board emulation – saves cost of external JTAG emulator
    • Full-featured Code Composer Studio IDE v4 license – for complete application development
  • Ease of use and faster time-to-market
    • Small form factor – about the size of a credit card
    • USB-powered
    • On-board emulation – does not need external JTAG emulator
    • Integrated peripherals and devices for quick system evaluation
    • Freely downloadable Chip Support Library, Image library and DSPLIB suite of optimized C-callable signal processing kernels for code development in C high-level language
    • Included sample code, drivers and Board Support Package
  • Low-power 16-bit DSP
    • TMS320C5502 with 300 MHz or 600 MMACS performance
    • Integration of a range of on-chip peripherals to address a number of application areas
  • Designers can readily target the TMS320C5502 DSP through TI's robust and comprehensive Code Composer Studio development platform, including:
    • A complete Integrated Development Environment (IDE), an efficient optimizing C/C++ compiler assembler, linker, debugger, integrated CodeWright editor with CodeSense technology for faster code creation, data visualization, a profiler and a flexible project manager
    • DSP/BIOS(TM) real-time kernel
    • Chip Support Library

Texas Instruments  TMDX5502EZDSP

The C5502 eZdsp Development Tool is compact, very affordable and offers easy development. The low cost USB-powered DSP development tool which includes all the hardware and software needed to evaluate the industry’s lowest power 16-bit DSP provides more evaluation options such as USB2.0 and SD interface. The USB port provides enough power to operate the ultra-low-power C5502 so no external power supply is required. This tool has embedded XDS100 emulator for full source level debug capability and supports Code Composer Studio™ Integrated Development Environment (IDE) - v4 and eXpressDSP™ software which includes the DSP/BIOS™ kernel. The full contents of the Development Tool include: C5502 eZDSP board Code Composer Studio IDE v4. Ordering Information: Available today for USD $90 with 6-8 weeks lead time.