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AM17x Evaluation Module



The AM17x EVM Kit includes application baseboard, touch-screen LCD, accessories, and software required to immediately begin development work. The kit contents include:

  • Processor
    • ARM926EJ-S processor operating up to 456 MHz
    • 64 MB SDRAM
  • Software and Tools
    • Open source Linux Board Support Package(BSP)
    • U-Boot (bootloader/monitor)
    • Code Composer Studio (CCStudio) v4.1
    • Board Support Library (BSL) sample programs
    • Peripheral drivers (web download)
  • LCD Display
    • Integrated LCD, touch, and backlight
  • Audio
    • Stereo input and output connectors
    • TLV320AIC3106 audio codec
  • Network/USB/Serial Connectors
    • Baseboard RJ-45 Ethernet jack connector
    • One USB 2.0 high-speed On-the-Go interface
    • One USB 1.1 full-speed host
    • 115.2kbps RS-232 debug serial port
  • PC Card Expansion
    • MMC/SD card
  • Debug
    • Connectors for JTAG interface
  • Cables
    • Null-modem serial cable
    • Ethernet crossover cable
    • USB A to mini-B cable
    • 5 volt power supply with power adapters (Europe, Japan, UK, and US)
  • Mechanical Specs
    • RoHS compliant

Texas Instruments  TMDXEVM1707

The AM17x Evaluation Module (EVM) is full-featured application development kit for evaluating the functionality of Texas Instruments' highly integrated, energy-efficient AM1707 and AM1705 applications processors.

The AM1707 and AM1705 processors are ideal for applications in the industrial, portable medical, communications, and consumer markets. The AM1707 and AM1705 provide a single development environment that allows customers to evaluate and exercise all the peripherals that this family boasts.