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AMC to PCIe Adapter Card



This adapter card contains the following features:
  • The adaptor card is a PCIe x4 lane form-factor
  • One x4 lane PCIe PCB edge finger connector
  • One AMC B+ style (170 pin) PCB edge finger connector.
  • One AMC B+ style connector housing (AMC Socket) to hold the EVM
  • Connector to provide DC power to the FAN (when needed)

Texas Instruments  TMDXEVMPCI

This is a passive adapter card that allows select TI EVMs with a AMC header to be converted to a PCIe x4 lane edge connector so it can be inserted into a desktop PC or any where a PCIe header is utilized. The selected TI EVM must support native PCIe on the DSP. This card is a adapter and requires a compatible TI DSP EVM with AMC edge connector.