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  • Intuitive GUI interface
  • Analyzes data collected with the hardware in real time
  • Analyzes data collected without the hardware
  • Hex code outputs for ease of TMP007 register programming

Texas Instruments  TMP007EASYCALEVM

The TMP007EasyCalEVM is a hardware and software tool to facilitate finding calibration coefficients for use with the TMP007 in an application.  The hardware included in this kit is an SM-USB-DIG board to interface a PC to the two-wire bus interface, a TMP007 PCB to take local and IR temperature measurements, and a TMP112 PCB to monitor remote object temperature.  The software GUI operates the TMP007 and TMP112 devices to collect data for TMP007 calibration.  It also analyzes the data captured by the TMP007EasyCalEVM hardware to generate coefficients, and can analyze data captured by other systems without the hardware to generate coefficients