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TMP1075 Digital Temperature Sensor Evaluation Board



  • Provides GUI for simple and fast setup 
  • Perforated PCB allows sensor to be placed in user’s system
  • Up to ±0.5°C typical accuracy with 0.0625°C resolution (12-bit)
  • Example of PCB layout for fast thermal response time

Texas Instruments  TMP1075EVM

The industry standard LM75/TMP75 is now available with high accuracy and a wider temperature range. The TMP1075 is a drop-in replacement for the most prevalent digital temperature sensors with enhanced features. The TMP1075 provides up to ±0.5°C typical accuracy over the −25°C to +85°C range, and ±1°C typical accuracy over the −55°C to +125°C range with 12-bit resolution, giving a temperature resolution of 0.0625°C. The Texas Instruments TMP1075EVM (Evaluation Module) provides the user a simple way to get started with TMP1075. The module and GUI are designed to provide the user a quick setup to evaluate the system and register map. The EVM features a perforation that allows the temperature sensor to be placed away from the MSP430 for remote temperature measurements and a header to connect multiple TMP1075's to the controller. This document provides detailed information about the hardware design and software installation.