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±0.1°C accurate digital temperature sensor with integrated NV memory

NEW - Custom reel may be available
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Quality information

RoHS Yes
Lead finish / Ball material NIPDAU
MSL rating / Peak reflow Level-2-260C-1 YEAR
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Packaging information

Package | Pins Package qty | Carrier Operating temperature range (°C)
WSON (DRV) | 6 3,000 | LARGE T&R
Custom reel may be available
-55 to 150
Package | Pins WSON (DRV) | 6
Package qty | Carrier 3,000 | LARGE T&R
Custom reel may be available
Operating temperature range (°C) -55 to 150
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Features for the TMP117

  • TMP117 high-accuracy temperature sensor
    • ±0.1°C (maximum) from –20°C to +50°C
    • ±0.15°C (maximum) from –40°C to +70°C
    • ±0.2°C (maximum) from–40°C to +100°C
    • ±0.25°C (maximum) from –55°C to+125°C
    • ±0.3°C (maximum) from –55°C to+150°C
  • Operating temperature range: –55°C to +150°C
  • Low power consumption:
    • 3.5-µA, 1-Hz conversion cycle
    • 150-nA shutdown current
  • Supply range: 1.8 V to 5.5 V
  • 16-bit resolution: 0.0078°C (1 LSB)
  • Programmable temperature alert limits
  • Selectable averaging
  • Digital offset for system correction
  • General-purpose EEPROM: 48 bits
  • NIST traceability
  • SMBus™, I2C interface compatibility
  • Medical grade: meets ASTM E1112 and ISO 80601-2-56
  • RTDs replacement: PT100, PT500, PT1000

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Description for the TMP117

The TMP117 is a high-precision digital temperature sensor. It is designedto meet ASTM E1112 and ISO 80601 requirements for electronic patient thermometers. The TMP117provides a 16-bit temperature result with a resolution of 0.0078°C and an accuracy of up to ±0.1°Cacross the temperature range of -20°C to 50°C with no calibration. The TMP117 has in interface thatis I2C- and SMBus™-compatible, programmable alert functionality, and thedevice can support up to four devices on a single bus. Integrated EEPROM is included for deviceprogramming with an additional 48-bits memory available for general use.

The low power consumption of the TMP117 minimizes the impact ofself-heating on measurement accuracy. The TMP117 operates from 1.8 V to 5.5 V and typicallyconsumes 3.5 µA.

For non-medical applications, the TMP117 can serve as a single chip digitalalternative to a Platinum RTD. The TMP117 has an accuracy comparable to a Class AA RTD, while onlyusing a fraction of the power of the power typically needed for a PT100 RTD. The TMP117 simplifiesthe design effort by removing many of the complexities of RTDs such as precision references,matched traces, complicated algorithms, and calibration.

The TMP117 units are 100% tested on a production setup that is NIST traceable andverified with equipment that is calibrated to ISO/IEC 17025 accredited standards.


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