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TMP117 digital temperature sensor evaluation module

US ECCN: EAR99 US/Local Export Classification Number

Inventory: In stock
Limit:  3

Features for the TMP117EVM

  • Provided GUI for simple and fast setup. 
  • Perforated PCB allows sensor to be placed in user’s system.
  • Provides best temperature accuracy measurement with 0.0078125°C resolution (16-bit).
  • Example of PCB layout for fast thermal response time.
  • GUI runs online or through a desktop installation.
  • Platform supports many platforms (web, windows, linux, osx).

Description for the TMP117EVM

Improving on the TMP116 family of high-accuracy temperature sensors, the TMP117 provides up to ±0.1°C accuracy over the entire range of human body temperature (30°C to 42°C) and ±0.2°C accuracy over its whole operating range of -55°C to 150°C, making it the world’s leading ultra-high-precision temperature sensor. Designed as a pin-to-pin compatible replacement for the TMP116, the TMP117 provides 16-bits of temperature data with each reading, translating to a temperature resolution of 7.8125 m°C. The ultra-high accuracy of the TMP117 around human body temperatures makes it suitable for ASTME1112 and ISO-80601 compliant medical applications. The Texas Instruments TMP117EVM (evaluation module) provides the user a simple way to get started with the TMP117. The evaluation module and GUI are designed to provide the user with a quick setup to evaluate the TMP117 and gain familiarity with the device down to the bit-by-bit register level. The EVM also features a perforated break-out portion, which allows the user to separate the TMP117 and still utilize the MSP430 and GUI to interact with and configure the device.