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TMP451, a 1.8V interface and supply, remote temperature sensor evaluation board



  • Enables full evaluation of TMP451
  • Programmable Non-Ideality Factor
  • Series Resistance Cancellation
  • 12 Bit Resolution
  • Texas Instruments  TMP451EVM

    The TMP451EVM is an evaluation module that is used to fully evaluate the TMP451, a 1.8V remote temperature sensor. The TMP451 has the capability of measuring remote temperatures and on-chip temperatures. The TMP451 is an integrated circuit that provides 1˚C accuracy temperature measurement with ALERT and THERM functions and is suitable for mobile and low cost applications. The TMP451EVM consists of two printed circuit boards (PCBs). One board (USB_DIG_Platform) generates the digital signals required to communicate with the TMP451. The second PCB(TMP451_Test_Board) contains the TMP451, as well as support and configuration circuitry.