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TMP461 Temp Sensor Evaluation Module



  • Enables full evaluation of TMP461
  • Programmable non-ideality factor
  • Series resistance cancellation
  • Address select option
  • 12-bit resolution

Texas Instruments  TMP461EVM

The TMP461 device is a high-accuracy, low-power remote temperature sensor monitor with a built-in local temperature sensor. The remote temperature sensors are typically low-cost discrete NPN or PNP transistors, or substrate thermal transistors or diodes that are integral parts of microprocessors, microcontrollers, or FPGAs. The temperature is represented as a 12-bit digital code for both the local and remote sensors, giving a resolution of 0.0625°C. The temperature accuracy is ±1°C (maximum) in the typical operating range for the local and the remote temperature sensors. The two-wire serial interface accepts the SMBus communication protocol.