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TMP75B Evaluation Module for Digital Output Temperature Sensor



  • Jumper selectable device address
  • Test points for user-provided power and I2C master.           
  • LED and test point provided for ALERT monitoring
  • GUI Software to configure and operate the TMP75BEVM

Texas Instruments  TMP75BEVM

The TMP75B is is a digital output temperature sensor capable of reading temperatures of -40ºC to +125ºC with 12 bits (0.0625 C) of resolution. The TMP75B uses a two-wire I2C protocol SMBus interface that allowsup to eight devices on one bus. It is ideal for extended temperature measurement in communication,computer, consumer, environmental, industrial, and instrumental applications. The TMP75BEVM is a platform for evaluating the performance of the TMP75 under various conditions. The TMP75BEVM consists of two PCBs. The first is the SM-USB-DIG board that communicates with the computer, provides power, and sends and receives appropriate digital signals. The second is the TMP75B test board, which contains the TMP75B and its support circuitry.