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TPA0172 Evaluation Module



  • 2 W stereo speaker output
  • Stereo headphone output
  • 12C bus controllable
  • Digital volume control
  • Fully differential input
  • Integrated depop circuitry

Texas Instruments  TPA0172EVM

IMPORTANT NOTICE:The TPA0172EVM kit DOES NOT include I^2C hardware or software that is required for controlling the internal registers of the TPA0172 IC. For evaluation, the TPA0172EVM must be connected to a system with an I^2C control bus and addressed per the instructions in the TPA0172EVM User's Guide.

The TPA0172 is a stereo audio power amplifier capable of delivering 2 W of continuous RMS power per channel into 4-ohm speakers and it will drive stereo headphones. This device utilizes the 12C bus to control its functionality, which minimizes the number of external components needed, simplifies the design and frees up board space.