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TPA2036D1 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Fully-differential filter-free Mono Class-D amplifier
  • 2.5-W output power into 4-ohm @ 5 V (BTL)
  • 2.5-V to 5.5-V operation
  • Internal thermal and Short circuit auto-recovery
  • Internal depop and quick start-up circuitry
  • 1.45 mm x 1.45 mm NanoFree™ WCSP
  • Device Gain set at 2 V/V on EVM

Texas Instruments  TPA2036D1YZFEVM

The TPA2036D1 audio power amplifier evaluation module is a complete, low-power single-channel audio power amplifier. It consists of the TI TPA2036D1 2.5-W low-voltage Class-D audio power amplifier IC in a very small NanoFree. WCSP package, along with a small number of other parts mounted on a circuit board that is approximately one and a quarter inches square.