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TPA203XD1 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • Includes1.5 mm x 1.5 mm NanoFreeTM WSCP ICs
  • Fixed Gain of 2 V/V (6 dB)
  • Also includes three mini-EVMs with the TPA2032D1, TPA2033D1 and TPA2034D1
  • Fixed Gain of 2 V/V (6 dB), 3 V/V (9.5 dB) and 4 V/V (12 dB) respectively
  • 2.75 W Output Power Into 4 Ohms at 5 V, BTL
  • Wide Supply Voltage Range (2.5 V to 5.5 V)
  • Internal depop and quick start-up circuitry
  • Internal thermal and short-circuit protection
  • Completely Pb Free

Texas Instruments  TPA203XD1EVM

The TPA203XD1EVM is a Pb-free, highly-efficient, Filter-Free mono audio power amplifier evaluation module. It consists of the TPA2032D1, a 2.75 W low-voltage stereo Class-D audio power amplifier IC in a very small NanoFree™ wafer chip scale package (WCSP), and all necessary passive components. The TPA203XD1EVM also includes three snap-out mini-EVMs of the TPA2032D1, TPA2033D1 and the TPA2034D1. All devices including the printed-circuit board are Pb free. Additionally, no lead is used in the manufacturing or assembly of the module. It is ideal for small battery operated electronics including wireless or cellular handsets and personal digital assistants (PDAs).