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TPA2054D4YZKEVM Evaluation Module




  • Stereo Class-D Amp:
    • 1.4 W into 8 ohm from 5.0 V (10% THD + N) 
    • 1.25 W into 8 ohm; from 5.0 V (1% THD + N)
  • DirectPath(TM) Stereo Headphone Amplifier
    • No Output Capacitors Required
  • Gain Select for Headphone Amplifier 
  • Eight Programmable Maximum Headphone Voltage Limits 
  • Two Single-Ended and One Differential Stereo Input 
  • 3:1 Input MUX with Mode Control 
  • 32-Step Volume Control for All Input Channels (-66dB to +24dB) 
  • Independent Shutdown for Headphone and Class-D Amplifiers 
  • Short-Circuit and Thermal-Overload Protection 
  • +/-8 kV HBM ESD Protection on Headphone Outputs 
  • I2C Interface
  • 25-Ball 2,61 mm X 2,61 mm WCSP

Texas Instruments  TPA2054D4YZKEVM

 The TPA2054D4 is a stereo Class-D power amplifier with an integrated stereo DirectPath(TM) headphone amplifier. This device has 3 input channels, offering a 32-step volume control and the DirectPath(TM) headphone amplifier has a 4-step level gain control with power limiter. The volume is controlled through an I2C(TM) interface. All amplifiers have output short-circuit and thermal-overload protection. The TPA2054D4YZK evaluation module (EVM) is a complete, stand-alone audio board that contains the TPA2054D4 (in WCSP) and interfaces to a PC via a USB connector. All components on the EVM are Pb free.