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TPA3004D2 Evaluation Module (EVM)



  • 12-W/ch Into 8-Ohm Speakers From 15-V Supply
  • 7.5-W/ch Into 4-Ohm Speakers From 9-V Supply
  • Efficient Class-D Operation Eliminates Heatsinks
  • 32-Step DC Volume Control From -40 dB to +36 dB

Texas Instruments  TPA3004D2EVM

The TPA3004D2 is a 12-W (per channel) highly efficient Class-D stereo audio power amplifier designed for driving 8-Ohm bridged-tied speakers. It will also drive 7.5-W (per channel) into 4-Ohm bridged-tied speakers. The high efficiency of the TPA3004D2 eliminates the need for external heat sinks when playing music and helps maximizes battery life.

Stereo speaker volume is controlled from a gain of -40 dB to +36 dB with a DC voltage applied to the volume control terminal. Line outputs, for driving external headphone amplifier inputs, are also controlled with a DC voltage. The range of gain for the headphone preouts is -56 dB to +20 dB.