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50W Stereo / 100W Peak HD Analog-Input Pad-Down Class-D Amplifier

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Package | PIN: HTSSOP (DDW) | 44
Temp: I (-40 to 85)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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1000+ $1.95


  • Stereo (2 x BTL) and Mono (1 x PBTL) Operation
  • Output Power at 10% THD+N
    • 60-W Stereo Continuous into 8 Ω in BTL
    • 110-W Stereo Peakinto 4 Ω in BTL
  • Output Power at 1% THD+N
    • 50-W Stereo Continuous into 8 Ω in BTL
    • 89-W Stereo Peakinto 4 Ω in BTL
  • 5-V Gate Drive or Built-in LDO for Optional Single-Supply Operation
  • Closed-Loop Feedback Design
    • Signal Bandwidth up to 100 kHz for High-Frequency Content From HDSources
    • 0.02% THD+N at 1 W into 4 Ω
    • 60-dB PSRR (BTL, No Input Signal)
    • <72-µV Output Noise(A-Weighted)
    • >108-dB SNR (A-Weighted)
    • AD or HEAD Modulation Schemes
  • Low-Power Operating Modes
    • Standby Modes: Mute and < 1 mA Shutdown
    • Low Idle-Current HEAD Modulation Scheme
    • Single-Channel BTL Operation
  • Multiple Input Options to Simplify Pre-Amp Design
    • Differential or Single-Ended AnalogInputs
    • SelectableGains: 18 dB, 24 dB, 30 dB, 34 dB
  • Integrated Protection: Undervoltage, Cycle-by-cycle Current Limit, Short Circuit, Clipping Detection, Overtemperature Warning and Shutdown, and DC Speaker Protection
  • 90% Efficient Class-D Operation (4 Ω)
  • Thermal Pad Located on Package Bottom
  • Pin-Compatible Family of Devices with Voltage and Power-Level Options

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Texas Instruments  TPA3220DDWR

TPA3220 is a pad-down Class-D amplifier that enablesefficient operation at full-power, idle and standby. The device features closed-loop feedback witha bandwidth up to 100 kHz, which provides low distortion across the audio band and deliversexcellent sound quality. The device operates with either AD or low idle-current HEAD (HighEfficiency AD) modulation and can drive up to 2 x 60 W continuously or 2 x 110 W peak into 4-Ω loadwith the thermal pad on bottom connected to the PCB.

The TPA3220 features a single-ended or differential analog-inputinterface that supports up to 2 VRMS with four selectable gains:18 dB, 24 dB, 30 dB and 34 dB. The TPA3220 alsoachieves >90% efficiency, low idle power (<0.25 W) and ultra-low standby power (<0.1 W).This is made possible through the use of 70-mΩ MOSFETs, an optimized gate drive scheme andlow-power operating modes. TPA3220 includes a built-in LDO for easy integrationin single-power-supply systems. To further simplify the design, the device integrates essentialprotection features including undervoltage, cycle-by-cyclecurrent limit, short circuit, clipping detection, overtemperature warning and shutdown, as well asDC speaker protection.