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TPA3220 50W Stereo / 100W Peak HD Analog-In, Pad-Down Class-D Module



  •  Stereo HD Audio evaluation module
  •  Integrated protection system (short circuit, clip and thermal)
  •  Device integrated support for Single-Ended (SE) and Differential analog input signals
  •  BTL and PBTL output configurations supported
  •  Double-sided, plated-through, 2oz. Cu 4 layer PCB layout
  •  Convenient XLR input connections for differential input

Texas Instruments  TPA3220EVM

The TPA3220EVM HD-Audio evaluation module demonstrates the TPA3220 pad-down integrated circuit from Texas Instruments. TPA3220 is an ultra-low idle-loss Class-D amp which keeps your system cooler and your battery playing longer while supporting 100kHz high resolution audio and features single-rail power supply support, gain settings, mute, and integrated protection. The device features a pad-down package which does not require a heatsink and instead dissipates the device heat into the PCB while saving space and material cost. The device features advanced integrated feedback design which allows very low distortion across the audio band and enables a high audio quality. The device is operated in either HEAD-mode (High-Efficiency-AD) or AD-mode Pulse Width Modulation (PWM) and can drive up to 2 x 100 W into 4-Ω load or 2 x 130 W into 3-Ω load. The TPA3220EVM features adjustable gain settings from 18-34dB, and allows for flexible input signals with a 1-2 VRMS single-ended / differential analog input interface. This EVM supports 2 x BTL (stereo) output channels or 1 x PBTL (mono) output channel configurations. TPA3220EVM is a complete reference design for TPA3220, ready for evaluation and excellent listening.