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315W Stereo / 600W Mono Ultra-HD, Analog-In Class-D Amplifier

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Package | PIN: HTSSOP (DDV) | 44
Temp: C (0 to 70)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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10-24 $7.40
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100-249 $6.24
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1000+ $4.89


  • Differential Analog Inputs
  • Total Output Power at 10%THD+N
    • 315-W Stereo into 4 Ω in BTL Configuration
    • 185-W Stereointo 8 Ω in BTL Configuration
    • 600-W Mono into 2 Ω in PBTLConfiguration
  • Total Output Power at 1%THD+N
    • 260-W Stereo into 4 Ω in BTL Configuration
    • 150-W Stereointo 8 Ω in BTL Configuration
    • 480-W Mono into 2 Ω in PBTLConfiguration
  • Advanced Integrated Feedback Design with High-speed Gate Driver Error Correction
    (PurePath™ Ultra-HD)
    • Signal Bandwidth up to 100 kHz for High Frequency Content From HDSources
    • Ultra Low 0.006% THD+N at 1 W into 4 Ω and <0.01% THD+N toClipping
    • >65 dB PSRR (BTL, 1 kHz, No Input Signal)
    • <85 µV(A-Weighted) Output Noise
    • >111 dB (A Weighted) SNR
  • Multiple Configurations Possible:
    • Stereo, Mono, 2.1 and 4xSE
  • Click and Pop Free Startup and Stop
  • 90% Efficient Class-D Operation (4 Ω)
  • Wide 18-V to 53.5V Supply Voltage Operation
  • Self-Protection Design (Including Undervoltage, Overtemperature, Clipping, and Short Circuit Protection) With Error Reporting
  • EMI Compliant When Used With Recommended System Design

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Texas Instruments  TPA3255DDVR

TPA3255 is a high performance class-D power amplifier that enables true premium soundquality with class-D efficiency. It features an advanced integrated feedback design and proprietaryhigh-speed gate driver error correction (PurePath™ Ultra-HD). This technology allows ultra lowdistortion across the audio band and superior audio quality. The device is operated in AD-mode, andcan drive up to 2 x 315 W into 4-Ω load at 10% THD and 2 x 150 W unclipped into 8-Ω load andfeatures a 2 VRMS analog input interface that works seamlessly with high performance DACs such asTI’s PCM5242. In addition to excellent audio performance, TPA3255 achieves both high powerefficiency and very low power stage idle losses below 2.5W. This is achieved through the use of 85mΩ MOSFETs and an optimized gate driver scheme that achieves significantly lower idle losses thantypical discrete implementations.