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TPA5052 Evaluation Module (EVM)

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Features for the TPA5052EVM

  • Digital Audio Format: 16–24–bit I²S
  • Single Serial Input Port
  • Delay Time: 170 ms/ch at fs = 48 kHz
  • Delay Resolution: 256 samples
  • Delay Memory Cleared on Power–Up or After Delay Changes
    • Eliminates Erroneous Data From Being Output
  • 3.3 V Operation With 5 V Tolerant I/O
  • Supports Audio Bit Clock Rates of 32 to 64 fs with fs = 32 kHz–192 kHz
  • No External Crystal or Oscillator Required
    • All Internal Clocks Generated From the Audio Clock
  • Surface Mount 4 mm × 4 mm, 16–pin QFN Package
    • High Definition TV Lip–Sync Delay
    • Flat Panel TV Lip–Sync Delay
    • Home Theater Rear–Channel Effects
    • Wireless Speaker Front–Channel Synchronization
    • Camcorders

Description for the TPA5052EVM

The TPA5052 evaluation module (EVM) consists of a single TPA5052 audio delay device, along with other external components mounted on a printed-circuit board (PCB). It can be used to digitally delay both channels by up to 8191 samples (with a 48 kHz sampling rate, that equates to more than 170 ms of delay).

The TPA5052EVM is designed so that analog music can be input to the board. The music is converted to I²S digital format where the TPA5052 delays it. The music is then converted back to analog where it is fed to the TPA4411 audio amplifier. The output of the TPA4411 is connected to a 3.5 mm stereo headphone jack. A simple pair of stereo headphones are all that are required to listen to the music. This allows the user to quickly and easily use the TPA5052EVM to delay the television audio to synchronize with the video.