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Evaluation Board for TPA6133A2 DirectPath™ Headphone Amplifier


  • Full-featured evaluation board for the TPA6133A2 audio amplifier
  • DirectPath™
  • Pop and Click Suppression
  • 138 mW/Ch
  • Fixed Gain +4 dB

Texas Instruments  TPA6133A2EVM

The TPA6133A2 is a DirectPath™ stereo headphone amplifier capable of delivering 138 mW/Ch into 16Ω and requires no output DC blocking capacitors. It has a fixed gain of +4 dB.

The TPA6133A2EVM is a complete, stand-alone audio board. It contains the TPA6133A2QFN (RTJ) DirectPath™ stereo headphone amplifier. The device has 20 pins and the pin spacing is 0.5 mm.