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TPA6205A1 Evaluation Module (EVM)



The TI TPA6205A1DRB audio amplifier evaluation module and the TI plug-n-play audio amplifier.

Evaluation platform include the following features:

  • TPA6205A1DRB Low-Voltage Audio Power Amplifier Evaluation Module
    • 3 mm x 3 mm DRB
    • Fully differential amplifier
    • Single channel, bridge-tied load (BTL)
    • 2.5 V to 5.5 V operation
    • 1.25 W output power into 8 Ω at 5 V, BTL
    • Internal depop and quick start-up circuitry
    • Internal thermal and short-circuit protection
    • Module gain is set at 2 V/V
  • Quick and Easy Configuration With the TI Plug-n-Play Audio Amplifier Evaluation Platform
    • Evaluation module is designed to simply plug into the platform, automatically making all signal, control, and power connections.
    • Platform provides flexible power options.
    • Jumpers on the platform select power and module control options.
    • Switches on the platform route signals.
    • Platform provides quick and easy audio input and output connections.
  • Platform Power Options
    • Onboard 9 V battery
    • External 5 V to 15 V (VCC) supply inputs
    • External regulated VDD supply input
    • Socket for onboard 5 V/3.3 V VDD voltage regulator EVM
    • Onboard overvoltage and reverse polarity power protection
  • Platform Audio Input and Output Connections
    • Left and right RCA phono jack inputs
    • Miniature stereo phone jack input
    • Left and right RCA phono jack outputs
    • Left and right compression speaker terminal outputs
    • Miniature stereo headphone jack output

Texas Instruments  TPA6205A1EVM

The TPA6205A1DRB audio power amplifier evaluation module is a complete, low-power single-channel audio power amplifier. It consists of the TI TPA6205A1DRB 1.25 W low-voltage audio power amplifier IC in a very small DRB package, along with a small number of other parts mounted on a circuit board that is approximately one and a quarter inches square.