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TPD12S016PWR Evaluation Module



  • Confirms to HDMI Compliance Tests without any External Components
  • Supports HDMI1.4 Data Rate
  • Match Class D and Class C pin mapping
  • Eight channel ESD lines for four differential pairs with ultra-low differential capacitance matching (0.05pF)
  • On-chip load switch with 55mA current limit feature at the HDMI 5V_OUT pin.
  • Auto-direction sensing I2C level shifter with one-shot circuit to drive long HDMI cable (750pF Load)
  • Back-drive protection on HDMI connector side ports
  • Integrated pull-up and pull-down resistors per HDMI specification
  • IEC61000-4-2 (Level 4) ESD Performance at all external pins
  • Space Saving 24-pin RKT Package (2mm х 4mm) and 24-TSSOP Package

Texas Instruments  TPD12S016PWREVM

The TPD12S016 is a single-chip HDMI interface device with auto-direction sensing I2C voltage level shift buffers, load switch, and integrated high-speed ESD protection clamps. The device pin mapping matches the HDMI Type D connector with four differential pairs. This device offers eight low-capacitance ESD clamps, allowing HDMI 1.4 data rates. The integrated ESD circuits provide good matching between each differential signal pair, which allows an advantage over discrete ESD solutions where variations between ESD protection clamps degrade the differential signal quality. The TPD12S016 provides a current limited 5 V output (5V_OUT) for sourcing the HDMI power line. The current limited 5 V output supplies up to 55 mA to the HDMI receiver. The control of 5V_OUT and the hot plug detect (HPD) circuitry is independent of the LS_OE control signal and is controlled by the CT_HPD pin. This independent control enables the detection scheme (5V_OUT + HPD) to be active before enabling the HDMI link. An internal 3.3V node powers the CEC pin eliminating the need for an onboard 3.3V supply.

The TPD12S016 integrates all the external termination resistors at the HPD, CEC, SCL, and SDA lines. There are three non-inverting bi-directional translation circuits for the SDA, SCL, and CEC lines. Each have a common power rail (VCCA) on the A side from 1.1 V to 3.6V. On the B side, the SCL_B and SDA_B each have an internal 1.75 kΩ pullup connected to the regulated 5 V rail (5V_OUT). The SCL and SDA pins meet the I2C specification and drive up to 750 pF capacitive loads exceeding the HDMI1.4 specifications. The CEC_B pin has an internal 27 kΩ pullup to the internal 3.3 V supply rail. The HPD_B port has a glitch filter to avoid false detection due to plug bouncing during the HDMI connector insertion.