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TPD1S514-1EVM USB Charger Overvoltage Surge and ESD Protection Evaluation Module



  • Includes 2 TPD1S514’s for evaluation
  • Includes a USB 2.0 throughput channel
  • Includes Kelvin connections for accurate measurements across the device FET

Texas Instruments  TPD1S514-1EVM

Texas Instrument’s TPD1S514 evaluation module helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of the TPD1S514 device. The TPD1S514 is a single-chip solution for USB connector’s VBUS line protection. The bi-directional nFET switch ensures safe current flow in both charging and host mode while protecting the internal system circuits from any over-voltage conditions at the VBUS_CON pin. On the VBUS_CON pin, this device can handle over-voltage protection up to 30V. After the EN pin toggles low, the TPD1S514 waits 21 ms before turning ON the nFET through a startup delay. VBUS_POWER pin indicates the nFET is completely turned ON.