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TPD4S014EVM: Complete Protection Solution for USB Charger Port Including ESD Protection



  • Over-voltage protection functionality
  • Under voltage lockout functionality
  • USB connectors used for ease of use
  • LED indicating fault condition
  • Test point for EN and ACK signals
  • D+, D- lines are routed as differential pair
  • Bottom section of board can be used for measurement of bandwidth and ESD performance.
  • Texas Instruments  TPD4S014EVM

    The TPD4S014 is a single-chip solution for USB charger port protection. This device offers low capacitance TVS type ESD clamps for the D+, D- and standard Capacitance for the ID pin. On the VBUS pin, this device can handle over-voltage protection up to 28V. The over voltage lock-out feature ensures that, if there is a fault condition at the VBUS line, the TPD4S014 is able to isolate the VBUS line and protect the internal circuitry from damage. Similarly, the under voltage lock out feature ensures that there is no power drain from the internal VCC plane to external VBUS side in case there is short to GND. There is a 16ms turn-on delay after VBUS crosses the under voltage lockout threshold, in order to let the voltage stabilize before closing the switch. This function acts as a deglitch filter and prevents unnecessary switching if there is any ringing on the line during connection.