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Serial I/F Controlled 9-Channel Motor-Driver With 2-Channel DC-DC

Availability: 5,995


Package | PIN: HTSSOP (DFD) | 56
Temp: S (-20 to 75)
Carrier: Cut Tape
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1-9 $2.05
10-24 $1.83
25-99 $1.70
100-249 $1.48
250-499 $1.37
500-749 $1.15
750-999 $0.94
1,000+ $0.86


  • Serial Peripheral Interface
    • Maximum Read/Write 35 MHz
    • 3.3-V Digital I/O
  • Actuator and Motor Driver
    • PWM Control With H-Bridge Output
    • Focus / Tracking / Tilt Actuator Driver With
      DAC Control
    • Sled Motor Drivers With Current Mode, 10-Bit
      DAC Control
    • Load Driver With 12-Bit DAC Control
    • Stepping Motor Driver With 8-Bit PWM Control
    • End Position Detector for Collimator Lens,
      Sled Without Position Sensor
  • Spindle Motor Driver
    • Sensor-Less BEMF Position Feedback
    • 12-Bit Spindle DAC
    • Self-Contained Inductive Position Sense and
    • Quick Stop by Automatic Controlled Brake:

      Active Brake and Short Brake
    • 0.7-A Maximum Continuous Current Excluding

      Thermal Issues
    • LS Mode: 25% Speed
  • On-Chip Thermometer (15°C to 172.5°C)
  • Switch
    • Two Switch Circuits Controllable by Software
    • LED: Switch for LED Driver With 0.1-A OCP
    • CSW: Low RDS(ON) Current Switch With 0.1-A
  • DC-DC Converter
    • V1Px: Pin-Selectable Conversion Voltage 1.0 V /
      1.2 V / 1.5 V; 0.9-A Output Capability With
      1.85-A Overcurrent Protection
    • V3P3: Fixed 3.3-V DC-DC Converter; 0.5-A
      Output Capability With 1.15-A Overcurrent
    • 2.5-MHz Switching Frequency
    • Improved Efficiency at Low Current With
      Discontinuous Regulation Mode
  • Protection
    • Individual Thermal Protect Circuit on
      LED/CSW, Switch, DCDC Converter, SPM,
      and Actuator
    • Two Alert Levels: Pre-Detect and Detect in

      Thermal Protection
    • ACTTEMP: Monitor the Actuator Temperature
      Calculated from Integrated the DAC Value Set
      Up in the Past
    • Undervoltage Lockout (UVLO) and
      Overvoltage Protection (OVP)

Texas Instruments  TPIC2010RDFDRG4

TPIC2010 is a very-low noise type motor driver IC suitable for slim or ultra-slim ODD. The 9-channel driver IC controlled by serial I/F is optimal for driving a spindle motor, a sled motor (stepping motor applicable), a load motor, and focus / tracking / tilt actuators and stepping motor for collimator lens. This driver IC includes 2-channel synchronous DC-DC converters.

The discontinuous regulation mode on the DC-DC converter improves efficiency at low power consumption significantly. The spindle motor driver uses BEMF feedback for startup, control, and low-noise operation without needing external sensors. In addition, the TPIC2010 has many protection features including: spindle output current limiting, thermal shutdown, sled and collimator lens end detection, actuator protection, and power-reset circuit. The TPIC2010 also has a built-in thermometer for easy IC temperature measurement.