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TPIC74101 Evaluation Module



  • Switch-Mode Regulator With Integrated Switches
    • Less board space
    • Lower cost
    • Higher EMI performance
    • Improved protection off the integrated switches
  • Buck/Boost Mode
    • Wide input voltage range (ideal for automotive applications where the power supply must stay stable during the start of the engine-cranking pulse)
  • Low-Power Operation Mode
    • Conserves battery power during conditions with low load current
  • Second Output Voltage With Enable Function
    • The primary/permanent output voltage can be switched to a second pin, which acts as a second output voltage with enable function.
    • Soft-start for second output voltage implemented
    • Conserve battery power by disabling second output voltage under certain conditions
    • VOUT voltage is protected from failures of the 5Vg line
  • Device Enable Function
    • Conserve battery power during system shutdown by disabling the device
  • Enhanced EMI Performance
    • Programmable frequency modulation – spread spectrum
    • Programmable slew rate
  • Supervision Functionality
    • Supervision of input voltage, programmable under-voltage detection threshold, and open-drain output for generation of alarm signal
    • Supervision of output voltage, programmable delay timer, and open-drain output for generation of reset signal, e.g., for supervisor microcontroller
  • Current Limit
    • Protection in case of overcurrent and short-circuit conditions
  • Thermal Shutdown
    • Protection in case of overtemperature conditions

Texas Instruments  TPIC74101EVM

The Texas Instruments TPIC74101EVM evaluation module (EVM) helps designers evaluate the operation and performance of the TPIC74101 Switch Mode Power Supply – Buck Regulator. The EVM contains one DC/DC converter.