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TPS2001CDGNEVM-635 Evaluation Module for Single Ch Curr-Lim USB Power Dist Sw



  • Single Power Switch Family
  • Accurate, Fixed Constant Current Limit
  • Fast Over-Current Response, 2uS
  • Deglitched Fault Reporting
  • Output Discharge when Disabled
  • Reverse Current Blocking
  • ON/OFF Control (Enable)
  • Thermal Protection
  • Built-in Soft Start
  • Current-Limited Power Distribution Switches (TPS2065C=1A, TPS2069C=1.5A, TPS2001C=2A)
  • Screw Jack Type input and Output Connectors
  • Jumper for Device Enable Input

Texas Instruments  TPS2001CDGNEVM-635

The TPS2001CDGNEVM-635 (EVM) provides an evaluation platform for the TPS20XXCDGN series of current limited power distribution switches. The EVM contains input and output connectors as well as control jumpers to ease evaluation of device features.